Darron Thomas to NFL?

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Say what?!!

News broke last night, seemingly out of nowhere, that Darron Thomas has announced his plans to leave Oregon early to enter the NFL draft. I didn’t fully believe the first article I saw, so I searched for more to prove it wasn’t some kind of weird joke. Alas, it is not. And there’s already been a huge response online, mostly borne in shock and confusion. Oregon fans are wishing DT well, but the general consensus seems to be that it is a bad decision.

From an article at Addicted to Quack:

But beyond the impact on Oregon football, this seems like a bizarre decision for Thomas. He had not been spoken very highly of as a pro prospect, and has some obvious footwork and mechanical problems that will be tough to overcome at the next level.

In another peculiar twist, Ted Miller of the ESPN Pac-12 Football blog noted that Thomas “actually declared himself available for free agency, because he’s unlikely to be drafted.” This has made many wonder if this sudden turn of events has anything to do with the program’s NCAA investigations. I have to admit, it is making me feel a little uneasy.

From an article at the ESPN Pac-12 blog:

Did Thomas get bad advice from those bad advice givers who linger around athletes and say, “Hey, do this!” without having any idea what they are talking about? No idea. But this is a terrible decision.

So now we assume that Brian Bennett is now the frontrunner for starting QB, which is not something many people are uncomfortable with. However, in terms of a possible run for the Natty, I think the collective confidence of Duck fans would be a little higher heading into the season with Thomas at the helm.


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