Pac-12 Bowl Predictions

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Season record: 59-26 (.694)

* * *

Las Vegas Bowl – Las Vegas, NV – Thursday 12/22/11
>> Arizona State (6-6) v. #7 Boise State (11-1)
Prediction: The Broncos are upset that a missed FG kept them out of the BCS, and there’s no better medicine for them right now than to throttle an ASU team that lacks any true identity.

Holiday Bowl – San Diego, CA – Wednesday 12/28/11
>> California (7-5) v. #24 Texas (7-5)
Prediction: The Golden Bears are peaking at just the right time, and they’ve got a score to settle with the Longhorns, who’ve been overrated all year long. Cal wins.

Alamo Bowl – San Antonio, TX – Thursday 12/29/11
>> Washington (7-5) v. #12 Baylor (9-3)
Prediction: Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin III leads Baylor to another highlight-filled victory in a game that features virtually no defense by ether team.

Sun Bowl – El Paso, TX – Saturday 12/31/11
>> Georgia Tech (8-4) v. Utah (7-5)
Prediction: This was the toughest pick for me. GT’s potent option offense versus the Utes’ stout D. I’m gonna go with the Yellowjackets confusing Utah with too many uncommon looks.

Fight Hunger Bowl – San Francisco, CA – Saturday 12/31/11
>> Illinois (6-6) v. UCLA (6-7)
Prediction: No one should be forced to watch this garbage. I’m giving the nod to the Bruins only because I don’t think the Illini remember how to win.

Rose Bowl – Pasadena, CA – Monday 1/2/12
>> #10 Wisconsin (11-2) v. #5 Oregon (11-2)
Homer pick: In what is perhaps this season’s best bowl match-up, Kelly and the Quacks finally get the “trouble-against-teams-with-time-to-prepare” monkey off their backs.

Fiesta Bowl – Glendale, AZ – Monday 1/2/12
>> #4 Stanford (11-1) v. #3 Oklahoma State (11-1)
Prediction: I don’t see this one being nearly as close as a lot of people are expecting. The Pokes will overwhelm Stanford with an offense that’s lethal and a defense that’s “good enough.”

* * *

  1. BigDaddy says:

    Unfortunately, the only Pac-12 team I picked is the Ducks – and that is, as you said, a “homer” pick (although, I do think they should win). Stanford may be able to stay with OKSt., but, I watched them against OKLA and they were kickin’ azz! Other than that, I don’t think any Pac-12 team will even compete in their respective bowl matchups.

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