Are Cliff Harris’ Duck Days Over?

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Cliff Harris could have been a star.
But he’s found himself in the doghouse once again, and possibly for the last time.

At the Colorado game this last weekend, he was penalized for taunting before the game had even begun. Later in the game, a bad decision on a punt return resulted in being benched. Then on Monday, news broke that Harris had been pulled over and issued multiple citations. He is currently suspended from “any football-related activities.”

We may not see Cliff play football in a Duck uniform again, which is a real shame in my opinion.
It’s unfortunate that we may never fully know what kind of player he was capable of being.

Classic Quotes–
Introduction to teammates: “My name is Cliff Harris, and I’m here to lock shit down.”
On why he chose Oregon: “I didn’t want to be no Trojan or no Bruin. I love green because money be green.”

  1. BigDaddy says:

    Cliff will declare for the NFL draft this year (my hypothesis)… his stock has dropped considerably, I’m sure.

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