Joey’s Majesty

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Memorable Games

King Joseph of Harrington, Lord of Duckshire.
Never shall his throne be usurped. ‘Tis unfit for another.
For no man’s heart doth bleed green so purely.

* * *

Joey Harrington is considered my many to be the greatest Duck ever.
But not because of unparalleled skill or athleticism. He set himself apart with his leadership.
No one else has ever loved leading the Ducks like Joey.

The guys at have given us another great guided tour of an Oregon football classic. This week: the 2000 double overtime thriller at Arizona State. A game crazier than I ever knew, and also one that really shows how the resolve of one charasmatic leader can be channeled thoughout an entire team.

After the teaser is the link to the full article.

“’We’re not gonna lose!’ I remember shouting that repeatedly,” Harrington recalls. “It was honestly how I felt. I don’t know what else to say except that it was exactly how I felt at that moment, and people on the sideline needed to hear it.”

I’d follow the man into any battle, no matter how dismal the odds.

Also, he could flat out chuck the rock. This is just beautiful:

The game was wild. You can see the rest here:

* * *

  1. “King Joseph of Harrington, Lord of Duckshire” Babe, BEST.LINE.EVER.
    not gonna lie, it’s kinda creepy, yet still quite amazing at the same time. I would bet that he has probably never heard that one before.

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