Oregon and College Football’s First OT

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Memorable Games

The other day I stumbled across a really cool blog post about the first overtime in NCAA history.
And with the Ducks off this week, I figured it was a great opportunity to take a little trip back in time.
It’s from fishduck.com, which I found via my most frequented Duck site, addictedtoquack.com.

The link to the entire article is posted below, but first here’s a little teaser:

The overtime rules for college football would take effect at the start of the 1996 season. Coaches talked through the rules with their players, reps in practice were dedicated to overtime drills. Yet nobody really knew quite how it would work until there was an actual overtime game played. It wouldn’t take long to find out, and perhaps [it was] fitting that the last team to play in a 0-0 tie would be the first to play in an overtime game.

A few reactions:
1 – Not sure which is better: the great throw by Graz, or the sick grab by Griffin!
2 – I’m not being sarcastic when I say I think those uniforms are totally awesome.
3 – I had completely forgotten about the commentary duo of Todd McKim and Ken Woody, but I realize now that they are a part of my earliest Duck football memories. Though after hearing them call the game in the clips on this site I’ve found that they make Joe Giansante and Anthony Newman sound like eloquent poets. Okay, I’m exaggerating.

Anyway, without further delay here’s the link:
I enjoyed this quite thoroughly, but give it a minute to load; there are a bunch of videos.

  1. quackmaster says:

    My favorite McKim-ism is on the game-winning score when he exclaims “this baby is in the refrigerator!!”

    …What, dude?!

  2. BigDaddy says:

    I watched this game. Very exciting being the first overtime game to be played. Better yet that we won! Be curious to know how many OT games the Ducks have played… maybe you could do some research? Top 5 teams vis-a-vis number of OT games played…

  3. BigDaddy says:

    I wish they’d do some kind of retro/modern uni. More retro than modern, but I think they could use “classic” Duck colors and schemes…

    • quackmaster says:

      Funny you should mention that… Just found out today that they’re unveiling a strange hybrid this week against Cal: old school colors combined with modern design. Should be interesting, as always. I” really be bummed when they move on from the ‘wing’ uniforms. They will be hard to improve upon in my opinion.

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