Ducks Dominate Desert Duel

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Recaps/Previews

I prepared myself for a back-and-forth shootout, at least for a good portion of the game until we wore Arizona down. And there was a lot of scoring, as the teams took turns making runs, but this one was over early. In fact, after Oregon’s first drive of the game, it looked as though the Wildcats were in big trouble.

Of course, it wasn’t really fair what was asked of them: contain LaMichael James. LMJ took beast-mode to a higher level, once again disrespecting defenders as well as the record books. He broke Oregon’s career rushing touchdowns mark, and his 288 yards on the ground gave him the Ducks’ single-game rushing record. At this point, pretty much every significant Oregon rushing record has LaMichael James’ name next to it.

The stat sheet may not appear overly flattering for the D, but they were facing arguably the second-best quarterback in the league, and as always the Ducks’ tempo yields more opponent possessions. I’m feeling good about this win; I think the team curbed some concerns. It seems like we tend to struggle with conference openers, and especially considering this one was away from home, it was nice to go out there and take ’em to the shed early and often.

Now we have a bye week to rest up and prepare for the big Thursday night match-up with Cal. I’m hopeful that the fact Cal will also be coming off of a bye week provides great motivation to put to rest the notion that teams with time to prepare always beat us. We’ve had to listen to the “blueprint” talk long enough, and it’ll be satisfying to crush the Bears at home and shut them up for a while. Maybe it’s strange to think of this as a revenge game, since we won last year, but to me it kind of feels that way. I can’t wait!

  1. BigDaddy says:

    A 4-D headline – nice!

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