Preparing for Pac-12 Play

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Recaps/Previews

Well, we got mostly what we expected in last week’s win over Missouri State. LaMichael got back on track with a couple of huge runs for scores; a 50-yarder and a 90-yarder. But there are still some concerns about this team heading into conference play, which is weird to say after beating someone 56-7.

Our lack of experience and depth are showing more than I expected in the offseason. We’re looking young, and the run defense is pretty weak right now. Luckily, the Wildcats of Arizona have the Pac-12’s worst rated rushing game. They actually rank dead last in total defense too, and their offensive line has failed to protect stud QB Nick Foles, giving up seven sacks. Those are some pretty attractive stats to an opposing team, but don’t let ’em fool you too much. Remember: Arizona’s coming off of two straight contests against top-10 teams (Oklahoma State and Stanford).

I haven’t given Foles a ton of respect over the last couple years, but after seeing him start 17-for-17 against the Cardinal last week, I’m think I’m ready to admit that he’s pretty darn good. I’m hopeful that despite losing senior o-lineman Ramsen Golpashin (possibly for the year) the offense can continue to gel. If we can get off to a fast start, the Cats should have a difficult time keeping up.


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