Final Stage of Grief: Acceptance

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Recaps/Previews

Well we’ve had a few days now to process the Ducks’ season-opening loss. And though it was a HUGE bummer, I think the rest of this season looks quite promising. Here are some points of encouragement:

1. Despite giving up 20 points on 3 uncharacteristic turnovers, we still only lost by 13. I think that’s a game we win more than half the time. You better believe Kelly and the Quacks will remedy their ball security issues.

2. There’s not another team on the remaining schedule that can lay claim to the elite personnel LSU possesses. Stanford is solid all-around, and ASU should prove formidable on D, but beyond that I think we will see Oregon on the winning side of a lot of uneven final scores.

3. De’Anthony Thomas is going to be a total freak one day. His reign of terror may not begin this week against Nevada, but actually, I’m betting it will.

There is a LOT left to look forward to this season. Including the Natty. We should all be rooting for the Tigers to run the table so we can meet them in a rematch for the crystal football. (In the meantime though, forget about the fact that the title game is in Louisiana this year.)

  1. BigDaddy says:

    Keep a stiff upper lip, I say… Good attitude.

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