Return of the Quack!

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Memorable Games

We are now just mere hours away from one of the biggest, most anticipated season-opening match-ups in recent NCAA football history! It’s #3 Oregon. It’s #4 Louisiana State. It’s the 2011 Cowboys Classic from Dallas, Texas, and it just could be for all the marbles!

No one should need any help getting psyched up for a game like this, but I do wanna look at a few of the best plays of Oregon’s amazing 2010 season. Obviously, a season that ended with a 12-1 record and an appearance in the BCS national championship game provides a TON of great plays from which to choose, but ultimately I was limited to only the highlights I could hunt down online. Strangely absent from the youtube scene are (good) videos of Cliff Harris‘ breathtaking punt returns, or the incredible fake punt against OSU (God bless you, Big Balls Chip). Anyway, enjoy the clips below, enjoy the goosebumps, and enjoy tonight’s game. GO DUCKS!!


In what could arguably be considered one of the most important plays in the history of our program, Darron Thomas takes a bad snap an hurls a no-look pass to stud WR Jeff Maehl for the 2-pt conversion that tied one of the best BCS title games yet.

Another awesome Thomas-to-Maehl bomb. It’s an impressive grab in real-time, but the slow-mo replay shows exactly how fantastic the catch really was.

And finally, possibly my favorite single Duck play ever. A bold statement, I know. But watching this one always gets me pumped up. On a busted play, LaMichael James outsmarts and outruns an SEC defense weaving in and out of some superb blocking to find the endzone. It was his first game of the season, and he would never look back after this unforgettable touchdown run. I cannot wait to see what he’s gonna do this year!

  1. BigDaddy says:

    Good stuff!

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